I've always wanted to be colorblind, and i mean "complete Achromatopsia"... is it possible to become that or maybe there are contacts that make vision grayscale? I can't seem to find any answers anywhere.


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Why would you want that? A friend of mine is and would give anything to see colors.

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This question is annoying to me ... "I can see colour but I want to be different and be colourblind.. And I also want to be dark and bruding ... And if I could be a vampire or the walking dead that would be awesome too ! "Sincerely , confused teen ... ;) I know a few people who are colour blind and it does not sound awesome at all .Seeing life in colour is a gift you should appreciate, it's lovely :) " every thing looks worse in black and white " BAM ! 

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Not that I know of ... Human eyes are not designed for greyscale vision.

I guess you could go around using some type of "night vision" wear, set up to show grey rather than green.

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In preparation for the movie Born on the Fourth of July, actor Tom Cruise wanted to somehow be temporarily paralyzed so he would understand more about his role.

The insurers nixed the idea and cooler heads prevailed.

Probably something to think about.

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Walt O'Reagun
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Hell, they coulda just strapped him to the chair for a week. lol
Tom  Jackson
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True. But I think he wanted the mindset of not being able to get up and walk even if he wanted to.

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