Why women's toilet is usually crowded while men's toilet is empty in the public toilet?


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Matt Radiance answered

That could be about the process!

You go there, the first period depends on what kind of dress you wearing with how many layers, the second period is ladies must sit down anyway and that's one thing but since it's public use, you wanna take caution so probably you start putting toilet papers near your seat for the hygiene protection, the third period is about getting out, washing up, checking out appearance, redo and refresh hairs and make ups.

You gather the possible period of time spent by each individual person, then i guess we'll know the answer.

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Barb Cala answered

Not always true at all.  Have you been to an airport?  The restrooms are equally crowded depending on when flights have landed.

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Ancient Hippy answered

Men use the restroom to pee. Women use the restroom to pee, adjust clothing, apply makeup, comb hair, chit chat, stare at themselves in the mirror, clean their shoes.....................

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Darik Majoren answered

Urinals make for a quicker result in relieving ones self. #Drivebyurination

Usually there may be more then two stalls in a women's bathroom, but there are usually at least 2 stalls in a men's bathroom and 3 urinals on the wall . . .

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Because us alpha-males just pee on the floors... And their is a lot of floor.

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Guo Pheonix answered

I suppose the reason is that there are urinals in the men's room while women's room doesn't have one.As to toilet,if it has enough space,it won't be a problem any more.

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