Do you enjoy getting your blood tested?

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Jaimie JT answered

I'm one of those weird people who like needles and seeing my blood running through tubes... Yes I like it !!! :)

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Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
@ yin ... You had me at rub off on me:p seriously though ,,, I know most people don't care for needles ... I just like them.:)
YoWanna  Cook
YoWanna Cook commented
Does this mean you have tattoos?
Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
Hi yin :) lol no don't have any tattoos :) I don't mind needles but I have a phobia of long term commitments .. A tatoo seems like way to long term a commitment to me :)
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Didge Doo answered

What's to enjoy? It's something that's necessary from time to time. No big deal.

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Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
i like seeing my blood run though a tube .. I find it enjoyable... I have no idea why but I do,
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
It's hereditary one of your ancestors might of been a vampire full stop
Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
I think they may have been ... Cos when I cut myself I always taste my own blood.. That's fine.
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Skip Gentry answered

No. I don't like needles and they always have to stick me more than once to get the blood flowing. I turn my head away when they get it going in the tube. I don't like watching it.

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Skip  Gentry
Skip Gentry commented
Yes, I wish I had her :)
YoWanna  Cook
YoWanna Cook commented
I had a guy (I remember specifically because this was the blood draw to see if any of us were bone marrow matches for my sister) who I swore HAD to have gotten the needle through a pore! I was terrified and expecting to feel it and I never felt him. He was good.
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Cookie Roma answered

I get it done every 3 months.  I wouldn't say it's fun but it really doesn't bother me. 

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Jann Nikka answered

I don't enjoy it, but to stay relatively healthy I need to have my blood drawn every 3 to 4 months for a lipid panel..

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Melanie Granger answered

I don't think anyone actually enjoys having their blood tested. I've done it plenty of times over the years, so it doesn't really bother me anymore...except when they can't find a vein and they end up using a more sensitive area of my arm. I have small veins, so sometimes they're hard to find. It kind of reminds me of getting a tattoo, the first time you do it, it hurts like crazy, but when you get the second third one, it's not so bad.

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