How much water do you need to drink to die?


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This week (on Wednesday) The Guardian posted an article on the food marketing myths we've "swallowed whole". It's entertaining as well as informative, and is well worth reading. I'll add the link below.

One of the myths was that we need to drink eight glasses of water a day, which they say is very good if you enjoy urinating. While we do need 2.5 litres of water a day (the answer to your question) we get most of that from the normal food we eat.

Here's a link to Take It With A Pinch Of Salt.

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We can drink zero water a day if you eat a lot of fruits/vegetables with fruit. That's what I do because I start coughing every time I drink water and I can't stand it.

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It's still water but in other forms. I still drink water maybe once a week in a small amount because I have to but my whole life I just always have issues drinking water for some reason.
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Seriously thirsty now.
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Why do you need to know that? 

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The fad a few years ago was to drink so many fluid ounces of water an hour the theory was it flushed out the system and helped with weight loss.  Some people became very ill and it is possible to die of water intoxication I don't know exactly how much it would take to get to that point though..

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I am SO thirsty right now.
Sharron Prestcott
If you're thirsty all the time you need to see your doctor, that's one sign of diabetes or it could be a host of other things. See your doctor ASAP.

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