Do you think that bodybuilders are the healthiest people?


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It depends how they work out, some end up top heavy, or with thighs that rub together. I think the healthiest physique is that of a runner. When you see nomad tribes they are slim and fit in order to hunt for their food and move from place to place.

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I think that they are very physically healthy- bodybuilders do try to eat,  sleep and exercise in a healthy way. However many parts of a bodybuilder's lifestyle may negatively impact their social or mental health.

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All the time invested in meal prep, working out, etc. means less time for a social life or personal time.
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Most are. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Sylvester Stallone seems to be prime examples of excellent health in their prime years.

Rocky movies.

The Incredible Hulk TV series

Arnold was always nake in the openings scenes of all the Terminator movies.

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No .... I don't know ... I think they're too bumpy anyway. I don't like it.

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Dear Zack - Mr. GenX,

I think the answer to your Q is no, bodybuilders are not the healthiest people...(this "NO" is a partially-researched guess that nevertheless I think is probably true...)

If you take lifespan as your standard of good health, then (without thorough research) there is speculation on the Internet that bodybuilders often do not live very long...for example concerns about the death of legendary George Takundwa age only 58, from a stroke.

By contrast I recall some years back reading that symphony conductors are known for long lifespan, 80 and 90+ being common. Speculation there is that the healing power of great music keeps them going!

* * *

Here is an interesting article about bodybuilding and lifespan:

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Not necessarily. Bodybuilding is a profession and it required lots of care, nutrition, sleep and exercise. Yes that's true but also it requires lots of sacrifice like any other profession which might contain unhealthy effects from the within.

Unfortunately there's lack of inform in the media and society about side effects of body building and most importantly about the hormones and products.

1.They might get isolated from some part of society, due their heavy workouts and huge muscles which passed it's normal crease.

2.They might never find a decent relationship.

3.They will find lack of communication due their size, they can't fit normal cars, normal door capacities, house porch and many more. .

4.The hormones that they "must" use in a high level of body building profession for blowing their muscles up further (to create capacity for more muscle development) the best original products yet have long term side effects, sexuality, voice changes, hair loss, weakness, ect .

5.The hormones they "must" use has temporarily effect. As you get older, your body gets down and fall apart slowly, because you don't have strength to work out, and the hormones are a fake pressure on the body so if you don't push it constantly, it'll fall down by time. (when you work naturally with no chemical hormones, it won't happen)

6.The hormones and heavy body building effect the male's penis. Most of the huge body builders found themselves decreasing the size over time. It gets smaller, weaker with no appeal.

Note: Natural body disasters and diseases won't connect to body building.

Work out is part of a healthy lifestyle but body building doesn't make you the healthiest person.

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We all have a vision in our heads of what we would ultimately like to look like. Maybe you want to have an athletic, streamlined look with nice abs and just enough muscle to turn heads at a Vegas pool party. Or…maybe you aspire to be massive, with slabs of thick, dense muscle. You want people to see you and say, "Holy sh*t!"

Whichever way you go, it's your body, and it's entirely up to you what size and shape you want it to take. Once you've figured out which end of the spectrum you're interested in pursuing, the next step is to put together a training and nutrition program that suits those needs best. Here are some guidelines on how to train and eat to achieve either a beach body or a bodybuilder physique.

Body-Part FocusBeach Body

To build a standout beach body, focus on the same areas that men's physique competitors do: Shoulders, upper back, chest, arms, and abs. You need to train your legs, of course, but if you're going to be wearing board shorts, there's no reason to strive for tree-trunk thighs.

Two areas deserving special attention are your abs and calves. Abs are always a focal point, so be sure to work them hard three times a week. Your thighs may be covered up most of the time, but your calves are always on display. Hit them at least twice a week for a total of 8-10 sets per session. Buy HGH online


The mark of a bodybuilder is more than just his larger overall size. It's the balanced, complete look of his physique. To get there, you have to train all your muscle groups hard, but in proportion to each other. You don't want one group to either overpower or lag behind others.

This may mean backing off on areas that grow easier while focusing on your more stubborn muscle groups by working them with extra intensity and frequency. You should develop your back, chest, shoulders, arms, quads, hams, and calves to their maximum potential.

Repetition RangeBeach Body

Since you're not after bulk, you won't need to train with particularly heavyweights. Instead, keep the resistance and reps more moderate. Aim for sets of 12-15 reps for upper-body exercises and 12-20 for lower-body exercises.

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I know a Woman who walked to sell Avon and she was in perfect shape too and here she died from her heart . So even healthy people can walk everyday like this Woman did and still die from a bad heart, hard to believe it but it happened and this Woman walked almost everyday in her later years of life to bring in extra money and see even athletes can develop health problems.

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Not really. All th steroids and other pharmaceuticals can ruin your health and those bodybuilders who just don't put much effort into doing a research before starting a course and don't take tests usually have some health-related problems. But if you have a smart approach, of course you will be in a perfect shape and won't have any problems with your health. Just never use untested pharmaceuticals. And before starting a course always browse the web for some information at least. These days it is possible to find info about anything. When I wanted to become more shred, I easily found SARMs results guide and it helped me to figure things out and be sure that this way I won't harm my health and will achieve a desirable shape easier.

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