Why is it illegal for women to go topless in public outside of NY? I mean if the woman wants to, and men like it, what's the problem here? =D


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I don't want to see boobies flopping all around!

And why did you add in the part "And men like it"?

Does that matter if it really is your question of why is it illegal?

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It often comes down to the old adage that those who can't will make sure that those who can, don't.

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Virginia Lou
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Ah, some essential facts of human nature...
Didge Doo
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One Sydney society hostess was asked by a journalist what she thought of women going topless. She said "I don't mind darling but I'd hate to serve them soup."
Virginia Lou
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I like her sense of humour!
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Because perverts don't make the laws .. Thankfully. 

It's TMI for most people ...

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I don't necessarily think MEN should be walking around topless either . . . Nothing to do with anything other then some people simply look better clothed.

I think society has the wrong idea about being topless . . .

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-It is illegal because society is not a "Bare Breast Festival' nor 'Rainbow Bra Festival'

-It is illegal because such image and behavior is inappropriate in the society. People take their children out on street for many reasons but having a colorful breast show is not one of them.

-I'm a man and i don't like to face such image on street middle of my society. And if some other men likes it. Yet it must be illegal because my rights are counted too.

-Each place has it's own appropriate concept of wearing. Go to the right beach and be topless, see if it's illegal. Go to Naked Zoo in Brazil and be topless see if anyone cares. Go to Vegas and go topless and earn millions compliments. But middle of street in the center of society ? That is not a right place to be topless. No differences between male and female.

-And if people love to act as perverts. Why bother the society ? Get into a private place and be topless as long as you wish so.

I think i make sense! :)

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Nina Nina
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So what if they're curious..now they know? And it's not like they've never seen boobs before, they see people in low cut shirts all the time and when they go to public places designed for children often there's moms breastfeeding. When people walk around pantless 1) it's gross NEVER SIT DOWN 2) it's ACTUALLY unknown to children what their purpose is
Matt Radiance
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And you might think, well it exposed more so it must be even easier for Children to swallow it, yes as i said earlier, it varies to individuals. i share this experience with you due discussion, i watched pornography content when i've had like 14, it's been soon and below the legal age, but i was in trust with myself. and i never being impressed negatively. many people could be like me but it's a risk. there's an obvious line of "Appropriates and Inappropriate" for children. which is not only one direct effect, if Children face those content sooner than they should, there's a risk that it effects them negatively and as the result, it comes to the wrong usages of phrases, wrong behaviors and as some researches proved, the imbalance of facing inappropriate contents for male children could result to rape in older ages.
Matt Radiance
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One point that i mentioned which didn't posted is your ideas would be more valid if right now would be 1970 or earlier but over 2000 breast is no longer a nutrition source. it's a sexual content. (it always been a sexual content since it's an arousal organ and sensitive spot to females) but over this age it's been more exposed. (this is where i started my last comment about exposed subject)
So as today's generation grow in the society, as they get older, they lose their perspective about breast as a food source, as they grow and their hormones activated more and more. and they absorbing their feelings, body and seeing and hearing things already! (where we both mentioned examples) breast consider as an excited sexual content which takes their attention in a different way which in such early ages might not be suit as i explained.
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Here's an easier question to answer:  "What is the meaning of all life?---support your thesis by at least 10 examples from Systematics."

Just a few observations:

I think I recall there being something on the internet within the last year or so about staring a women's breasts for 10 minutes a day is good for them.

So perhaps this is New York's equivalent of putting fluoride in drinking water. And perhaps the jury is still out in the others.

Perhaps other states are having a problem with a misguided aesthetics issue and and are trying to decide whether going topless should be licensed and granted only to women (and men) whose standing nipple position is between the first and fourth intercostal space.

Then again, I'm sure that there exists a very healthy evaluation of nudism and partial nudism in the human experience and where it is permissible and or acceptable, but how much agreement on what that is is obviously questionable.

And should we be concerned about the motivation of women who choose to go topless?

And here a Wyoming law that is still on the books:  You may not take a picture of a rabbit from January to April without an official permit."


(De gustibus non est disputandum?)

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Erections everywhere may not be the ideal thing, don't get me wrong I like architecture but that's not what I'm talking about.

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Lets face it the majority of people look better with clothes on.  Do you really want to see a 75 year old woman with boobs tucked in her belt cruising down the street?

In our society nudity is not accepted, if that's what you want go to a nude beach or nudist camp.

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Even in NY, most women still don't go topless. Very few of them do, if any.

They can't go topless because there's a difference between a man and a woman's chest. Take the average teenage boy and the average teenage girl. You're going to see something on the teenage girl's chest. You can obviously tell that there is a huge difference between the chests.

I don't think men with moobs should be able to go topless, but what possible law could you make that would stop them from doing so? At what point on a man's chest would there be enough fat to be considered moobs? And are we really going to have law enforcement going around checking the chest fat index (?) of every man to determine if he should be arrested or not.

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