Im 2weeks preggies & I have this intense feeling that she is a little girl. My question is, if you close your eyes and think of me and my baba, what sex do you feel he or she is and what colour hair and eyes comes to mind first. Always trust instinct?


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Hmmm . . . All I'm getting is a Happy healthy baby born to loving and caring parents . . . Wouldn't you agree that is what we both want for you?

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Ashley winn
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couldnt agree more... i tend to find that water signs are on the psychic side.. and most dont even know it
Darik Majoren
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Interesting . . . is Gemini a Water sign? I thought it was Twins . . .
Ashley winn
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not a water sign no
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I see a cute little girl with bright, crystal blue eyes and a hint of mischief in her gorgeous smile. A crown of colorful flowers adorns her long and dark brunette hair signifying her as queen. Her courageous demeanour shines forth as she rules her backyard kingdom with a gentle hand.

However your baby turns out, I pray he/she will be a healthy baby! :)

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I found out many years after our last boy was born that my wife absolutely knew that it was a boy shortly after she became pregnant.

I consider that such knowledge to be quite possible on a theoretical basis, although I don't know how such insight might work.

I wouldn't bet against your having a boy.

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