Is tramadol good or bad?


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Matt Radiance answered

As Rooster said only for short term usage. Temporarily.

If the usage comes out of control it can be extremely addictive. It numbs the person up, makes you sleepy and can hurt internal organs specially livers. It can be as dangerous as a drug.

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PJ Stein answered

I have never used it on me, but my dogs have taken it. Most of the time it is given short term because the body can build a tolerance and the dose would need to be upped to achieve the same effect. I had a dog who could not take NSAIDs, and he had an inoperable mass. It as our best option to manage his pain. So as the mass grew and he developed a tolerance, we upped his dose. My other dog used it for 1-3 days after her surgeries. 

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otis campbell answered

as with any meds see a doctor. Tramadol does not phase my pain

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