I'm 16 years old and want to get into natural Bodybuilding. In Teen Natural Bodybuilding what is the age limit? Do you have to be a certain height ? Does lifting actually make you short or stop growing ? where do I sign up?


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If you want to start body building, you'll have to join a gym. All good gyms have a licensed trainer and he/she can give you all the info that you'll need as well as the limits you should maintain to stay healthy. It's not just about lifting weights, specific dietary needs should be addressed too.

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Till today, i have never heard of "Natural body building".

However, i assume you might mean that you do not want to apply pills, drugs and gels which is available in the industry. If yes, i must add it's such a clever choice, because they are not too healthy.

Anyway, 16 is pretty good for bodybuilding. Height is not important for entering or declining bodybuilding. It doesn't define by height at all. Bodybuilding won't influence on height hormones by any means. Only in one condition. If you lift too much, it'll most likely effect then. You better not lift too much weight on growing age. Use other devices. You'll be fine. There must be many local gym in your area, give it a search, also you can take help from internet to search your area online so you could find good local gyms near you and you can approach and sign with them.

What you should look into to trust a gym ?

-Make sure the gym is licensed. -If you taking workout program by the trainer from the gym , make sure he/she giving varied workout sets to different people according to their height, weight and body shape. If they gave one program to everyone, then it's fraud! -they must provide you health insurance and take some responsibilities of your health and the sureness of the validity of the decides and environment.

So, as i said  height doesn't decide whether you can or can not enter a gym. But when you wanna do workout. You must be aware of your current physical condition which contains, weight, height and body shape. You should keep in mind that body building is not about how heavy you lift or workout. It's about how effective you do it. You shouldn't push yourself too hard, you shouldn't press your body's limits. And you shouldn't lift more than you can handle. Each device has usage instructions. Make sure you learn them very well before you use them. Your gender is crucial for body building. Male and female gym instructions are different. Nutrition is a very important factor as well. These two works together.

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