Is it safe to buy medicine onlines?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

No way ! 99.9% of those supposed Canadian and online pharmacies sell junk pills that may look like the real thing but really aren't. I read a book a while back about how these third world countries produce these phony pills and then put up a nice looking webpage to order things from. Don't do it ! See your Doctor and get the real thing. The stuff they make some of those pills with could kill you. Total rip-off.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Maybe....depends on what it is. If a Doctor prescribes it, it should be available.
Rooster Cogburn
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I was thinking about these Canadian pharmacies that are phony as a three dollar bill.
Thomas Sins
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Ya prescription drugs buy from online pharmacies is good but not all. some Canadian pharmacies which accredited by pharmacychecker and CIPA are good for buy any prescription drugs. I also buy my medicine from it is certified by pharmacychecker.
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lara smith , buy oxycodone online , answered

yes it is safe to buy medicine online. If you're interesting to buy  medicine are like pain killer or anxiety or some others then visit health pharmacy. Health pharmacy most top product is oxycodone that you can use as a pain killer.

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Eshmaal Fatin , Counterfeit, answered

Counterfeit medicines are very common in today's world. We are even unable to judge when we purchase them from medical store. How we can trust on online medicines, the pharmacist is unknown for that. Its not good to purchased medicines online.

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