Do vaccination needles hurt a lot? Especially chickenpox ones. Do they hurt?


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The pressure and pain of needle is entitled to individuals.

Some really scare of needles, no matter how slight, they get anxious about it.

Some have problem with ticker and longer needles.

And some has no feelings over needles.

My experience, needles do pressure the flesh and entering a liquid inside your arteries and muscles. So there would some feelings. Itches, little pain and sometimes burning. Slighter needles are better, it happens quick and you barely would feel anything. Ticker needles obviously feels little bit more pressurized. But generally, needles aren't a big deal at the end. Even we scare of them. If we work on ourselves and stay strong and face it,  we'll see it's nothing! It just come and go before you know!

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Yes, it hurts a little bit.

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How old are you?  Haven't you had vaccinations before.  They might hurt briefly, but are worth it for the protection they provide.  Talk to your parents or doctor about this.

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Not nearly as much as getting chickenpox, diphtheria, typhoid, polio and any of the disease that you can think of.

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I think the thought hurts more than the actual pinprick.  I remember at boot camp watching big hearty young men roll their eyes back and actually pass out when they saw rthe needle - not even when they were getting the sdhot, but jusdt at the sifght of the needle. 

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No, not significantly.

I sometimes try to focus on something else rather than anticipate the shot when I need one.

Either read a few sentences in a magazine during the shot or try to read some diploma on the wall.

If you are a super-fast reader like me, you might have to read it over again---but it still works.

Also, the chickenpox vaccine is given subcutaneously rather than intramuscularly, so it doesn't go in very deep.

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Lilly Gray
Lilly Gray commented
Thank you heaps!! I'm getting three more today for my 'year 7' ones that I didn't get in year 7. They said getting the vaccines a few years later shouldn't hurt. Also, I'm going to Thailand & Bangkok soon and we had to get needles for that too. All up, 5 needles [!!]
Tom  Jackson
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Glad to help.

Enjoy your trip !
Tom  Jackson
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And the key is to be distracted during each shot.
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Dear Lilly Gray,

Although it has been 65 years ago now, I still remember how frightened I was at the idea of the vaccinations at our little 3-room elementary school...

Then my mother explained that not only would the two-second sting protect me, but also my vaccination prevented spread to others... At the end of all that I was so motivated, I was going right out to get vaccinated today and thereby Save The Whole World!

And as the years went on, I do remember reading about one disease that had indeed been totally eliminated by vaccination - was it smallpox?

* * *

Anyway to make this long story even longer, now at age 72 I can still remember how frightened I was but I cannot remember there being any actual pain at all...prolly was, but so slight I cannot even recall it...

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KB Baldwin
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Remember the smallpox vaccination? They just scratched you on the upper arm. The hard part was watching a scab form and not being able to scratch it. And afterward you had a nice little round scar.
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Yes KB, I do indeed remember that one...because I actually reacted to it, got a very mild case of smallpox...or whatever-pox...I think Edward Jenner first used cowpox?

When I got older I checked into that and at least at that time it did happen occasionally...of course the immunity was fine after that and all was well.
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For me, the actual sting of the injection is not necessarily the worst part, but the aching in my arm afterward -_-

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Lilly! I personally believe that they hurt just like any other injections! I
never had chickenpox, so I am not really sure, but from research that I have
carried out just now, I can confirm that it will only sting. Here is a video to
proves it: Hope this helps and do get
your shot soon! 

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