Why is this happening? I've been taking a detox drink with cinnamon and honey for two days now. I still eat regularly but ever since I've been extremely hungry even after I drink lots of water.


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Dear Gypsy,

What I will describe for you happened with me only as I got older, and you are not, but maybe worth considering...

The trigger may be the honey in your detox drink; for me, although I do not test anywhere near diabetic, still I can tell my body does not cope with sugar as well now. If I eat sugar/honey unopposed, very quickly there is an uncomfortable, hollow feeling of hunger....the homeostasis mechanisms (pancreas?) in my body just do not work as well to even out my blood sugar. So there is a sugar spike then crash, and my body 'thinks' I am hungry.

Idea for you: Change your detox drink to non-sugary and see what happens.

(And do for the sake of thoroughness just keep a watch on your symptoms in case you might ever need to consult a physician, diabetes as you know can be serious.)

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