My nails hurt. They look great but just throb with pain like they were closed in a door. The thumb and index finger are the worst. It keeps me up at night they ache so much?


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I am no nail expert, but nail oil helps with flexibility, so maybe the oil will help if the nail is pressing on the finger? Also try holding your hands up most of the time so the blood doesn't run to your fingers as much and make your nails throb? I hope you feel better :)

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If they are that bad, you should probably see a doctor.

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Maryann Payne-Randall
My doctor's favourite prescription is "time" so I'm trying other things and waiting it out. I'm trying supplementing with Magnesium and its improving, also more time. (suggestion from another site)
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Sorry. I didn't know, I just don't like people self-diagnosing.
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Do you have anything applied on them topically ? Like nail polish or gel or acrylic nails? Have you had a manicure done anytime recently?

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