How can work and pregnancy be handled smoothly?


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It seemed the first four months of both mine, I had to come home from work teaching school and go right to bed until the next morning ..I was so tired ---so taking the prescribed vitamins is very important.

Eat right. Simple meals are just as nutritious as complicated ones. Use the crockpot or make sandwiches and soups. Get your protein daily and drink plenty of water.

Eat several small meals and snacks a day.

Everything you put into your body is something the baby gets too. No liquor or cigarettes allowed.

Wear comfortable clothing. Don't wear anything too right around your waist-keep clothing loose and comfortable and wear sturdy but comfortable shoes . Don't wear heels or it will kill your back.

Make sure family does their part of the chores.

Exercise- after the first four months when morning sickness left, I walked a mile or two a day. It really helps to exercise within reason.

Get plenty of sleep. Have a good mattress to sleep on. Consult with your doctor if you have a question about anything. 

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Always allow yourself extra time to get ready in the morning. You never know how you're going to feel, I always had a little bottle of ginger ale and crackers in my purse (it really helps). Ditch the heels for flat shoes, eat healthy, stay hydrated and get PLENTY of sleep every night.

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Keep munching during office hrs, take walk in span of every half hr. And try to sleep early after office, to take proper rest. Continuous sitting is not allowed. Though you may find many related articles on work and pregnancy together.

If it is your first trimester, be very careful. Please do not overexert yourself.

Good luck on your pregnancy.

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During Pregnancy, Many working women come out with a problem of back pain, stress, exhaustion, mood-disorder, feel restless, and can't lay down proper due to big tummy.

But Most women go along to work during pregnancy. By making some reasonable accommodations at their place of employment.

Tips that can help you to handle both pregnancies and work along:

1. Take proper sleep at night: If you take proper sleep at night this will helps you to work smoothly in the office. During Pregnancy many pregnant ladies can't sleep properly due to big tummy, for them, many Maternity support pillows are available in different size and shapes according to your comfort.

2. Neck Pillows: You can also use neck pillows in your office while or while travelling then will help to support your neck and you will be more comfortable while working.

3. Proper Checkup: Always go along with proper checkup according to the appointments. This will helps you to stay healthy with doctors advise.

4. Take maternity leaves: If you still feel unhealthy and restless then go for maternity leaves.

5. Take food On time: Don't miss your food during this period. Take it on time for a healthy baby.

I hope these tips help you to manage both smoothly.

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