What to expect after a balloon sinuplasty?


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Here are a few things you can expect after the innovative balloon sinuplasty procedure:
●  You can expect to be back at work the next day because this is such a minimally invasive nonsurgical procedure.
●  As long as you did not receive sedative medication, you can even drive yourself home.
●  Recovery time varies, but many patients say they feel back to normal after 2 days.
●  You may feel a bit fatigued for about week.
●  Sleep with your head elevated, rinse your nasal passageways, and take your doctor recommended medications.
●  You can return to your moderate exercise routine after a week.
●  You must refrain from blowing your nose for about a week.
●  Most patients can expect long-term recovery.
●  Getting back to all the activities you use to love.
●  Easy breathing after this life changing procedure.

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Choose your physician carefully. The procedure is a walk in and out type. But will it cure / stop your sinus issue? It all depends on the physician. I eventually went through two procedures  and two different doctors for it to take effect. Good Luck.

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