How do you know when your time is up? like do you have a feeling that you know when your going to die?


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I guess if you're ill before hand you can feel yourself deteriorating and can sense the end is near ...I don't wanna die that way :/ I just wanna 123 die .. Bam !

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Even doctors don't always know. In fact, more than a few of them wouldn't have a clue.

I once went to see my doctor and found a locum in situ. He said, "What's the problem today?" I said, "I have terminal influenza." To which he said, "You don't understand. Terminal means you're dying from it." And I told him, "Now you're getting the idea." Bloody genius!

But a story I believe to be true. I was introduced to the wife of a professional musician. She said that one night she had gone to bed early while husband was out working but woke to the sound of her mother's voice saying, "I'm going now  but I'll be back. I'll pick a pretty one."  Next morning she received word that her mother had died at about the time she heard that voice.

That's not exactly what your question asked, but it's in the ballpark.

There's a little more to the story than that but I won't post it here. I don't want to start a heated discussion.

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Well,there was that story a while back about a cat in a nursing that seemed to know when people were going to die, and would keep them company in their final hours.  Definitely good not to wake and find that cat cuddled up next to you. 

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I havent felt too good lately my arthritis is really bad i hope im not ready to die

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Some people seem to know. They seem to make peace with everyone and simply pass on. However I don't think most people have that luxury.

There are also those who have been battling an illness that seem to hang on longer than they should only to give those they love more time. I have known several people who had love ones who were very ill and they just seem to fight until someone they love tells them it is ok to let go and move on. They passed away soon after.

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My great grandma knew. She told my family to say goodbye to her the night of her passing and we all just figured she was paranoid. But that night she passed away peacefully in her sleep. Such a kind woman. Lived to 103 years old

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