I put up dreamcatcher is it going to work on all my crazy dreams??


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Yes, but you have to eat your dreams after you catch them.

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Danae Hitch
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Hopefully, he can eat his dreams with his hands and won't have to stoop to using a fork and spoon!
otis campbell
otis campbell commented
With echooos i will be eating flies
Ancient Hippy
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Otis, you can't use a fork or spoon to eat your dreams, that's just sacrilegious.
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Dear Otis,

Do you think the dreams might be caused by any of the prescription meds? Have any of the doctors mentioned the possibility of dramatic dreams?

Actually, I think there was a dream you told on Ask, and if I recall I was seeing something meaningful in it...cannot remember for sure now...but I am one of the people who thinks dreams can be significant in processing our inner life...

Anyway, please do consider the meds possibility also. People shouldn't need to put up with annoying dreams endlessly.

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Yin And Yang
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GREAT POINT!!!!! Star star star for a star!
My brother was on ambien and swore he woke up to see his wife swinging around the ceiling fan! He refused to take that medicine ever again!
Tom  Jackson
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Are you sure she wasn't?
Yin And Yang
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No she was sound asleep next to him! LOL!
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You are your own dream catcher my friend!!!! :0)

Reach for the stars!!!!

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Are you lying in moonlight when you have these dreams?

The last time I stayed at the beach, I was sleeping in a room with many windows, I woke up because I was having very intense dreams. When I opened my eyes I was bathed from head to toe in moonlight. I smiled, and went back to sleep, because I like sleeping in moonlight. I started having intense dreams again, woke up and moved, the dreams stopped. The next night the same exact thing happened.

I had read somewhere that it was once a belief that sleeping in moonlight would make you insane. I don't care, I'm still sleeping in moonlight every chance I get. If I'm sleeping in moonlight, I'm having me some fun.

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Yin And Yang
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Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!! OTIS!!!! I LOATHE seroquel! They have to put you on something else. Talk to your doctor asap like YESTERDAY! Seroquel turns my husband into an irritable monster! He wakes up hating life and hating us ESPECIALLY me!!! I am his verbal punching bag. He now refuses to take it. It don't matter how much or how little he has in his system. He would rather deal with the irritability of no sleep then the way that medicine makes him feel and I back him up 100%. He IS MEAN! He will be telling the doctor to try something else at the end of the month. PLEASE OTIS! Everyone here has a good point! It very well could be medication related and you DON'T have to suffer!
otis campbell
otis campbell commented
I donr get mean but if i dont have i go crazy bouncing off the walls
Yin And Yang
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I am so happy it don't make you mean. :0)
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Depends on how deeply you convince your psyche it will work.

Your dreams are a way for your subconscious to "Vent" . . Things you keep tucked down deep in your feelings or thoughts that secretly bug you, can be released by the Subconscious in dreams.

If you have somehow convince yourself to the core, that you have no worries now that the dream catcher is up, maybe your subconscious will be quiet . . . I highly doubt it.

There certainly is a lot that goes on when we are sleeping in our brains.

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otis campbell
otis campbell commented
Im giving echooos shine with flies in it
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
Otis, what DarkM is saying here, that also is my understanding... yes if you REALLY believed in the dreamcatcher...it would work...

And meds are notorious for activating the subconscious imagery. The shine with flies, for Echooos...it's "stuff" from our Blurt conversations, rendered into the imagery of the subconscious... flies being funny, pesky, or something like that, kinda 'bugging' each other...

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