How are plants useful to us?


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Plants give off oxygen, supply us with food, timber and shade.

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Plant life includes the vegetable phytoplankton of the sea, basic to sustaining fish and other marine creatures. Vegetation, from grasses to trees, is the foundation of the “food chain” on the land. This is because no animal can manufacture its own food. But plants do this work. By the complex process of photosynthesis, not yet fully understood or duplicated by man, plants convert carbon dioxide, water and sunlight energy into carbohydrates and oxygen. Absorbing sun energy, the plant also utilizes minerals from the soil to make fat, protein, starch, vitamins and other products that provide foodstuffs for animal life. Animals and humans breathe oxygen that “fuels” the conversion of the carbohydrates to produce water and chemical energy, by which the other plant products are assimilated into their bodies.

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Due to plants we get oxygen which is necessary for every human to live and plants also provide us food and timber.

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Plants are best for us. It increase the beauty of house.

It also provides Oxygen. It's best gifts for occasion and special day.

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There are other ways to benefit from plants.  Growing vegetables at home is not only a great hobby but it puts some organic food on the table. Furthermore, it  is a great family project.

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