Is there any Herbal way to cure Arthritis?


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Swimming: You can exercise all the major muscle groups in your body by swimming. It also helps keep your joints flexible, and it can give you virtually all the cardiovascular benefits of jogging. Because swimming is gentler on your body, it is often recommended for people with arthritis, back problems, or weight problems as well as for pregnant women. Avoid swimming alone.

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Even though an herb may be widely regarded as safe, caution is advised. Never let your guard down simply because a product is labeled “natural.” An encyclopedia on the subject of herbs states: “The unpleasant fact of the matter is that some herbs are downright dangerous. [Regrettably] some people don’t give any herb—dangerous or benign—the appropriate respect.” Chemical compounds in herbs can change heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose levels. Hence, people with cardiac problems, high blood pressure, or blood-sugar disorders such as diabetes must be especially cautious.
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Dandelion leaves can help with this problem. In fact, these leaves are rich in vitamin A and C that treat damaged tissue and thereby flushing out the toxin from the blood. Since they can have a positive affect on your immune system, dandelion leaves make it a trusted home remedy for arthritis. Regarding application, you can eat them in salad or enjoy the tea.

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