I never feel hungry, but when I eat I usually feel sick. My height is 6"1. Is this an eating disorder or something serious? Keep in mind, I usually get 4 or 5 hours of sleep and I'm mostly tired. I have too much work to do around the house. I have to do the cooking, cleaning, dish washing, laundry, take care of a 4 year old baby sister. My parents are lazy and abusive so they don't care. I also study most of the time and still get good grades in exams. I also have to hang out with my girlfriend every once in a while.


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I'm not sure. It sounds like you are too stressed out to eat. I do that often. I get stressed and my appetite goes out the door.

Are you obsessed with eating or not eating? Are you afraid of getting fat? Are you afraid of fat in your food? Do you count calories? Do you feel fat although you are a normal weight? Do you eat alone, because of fear? Do you over exercise? Do you refuse to eat without exercising? Do you binge then purge? The above questions are indicative of an eating disorder.

I give you props for all that you do for your family and sister. I'm sorry that you're under so much stress. I really hope things get better. You are making a huge difference for your sister, stay healthy, she needs you. Sleep when you can, eat when you can, one foot in front of the other. You can't do much with the stress in your life, but you can control how it affects you. Try to de-stress by doing things that make you centered and happy. Spend time with girlfriend, game with friends, do something for fun. You need to take care of you or you can't be there for your sister.

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Aldrich Ames
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Thanks for the responses, people.
dragonfly forty-six
You're welcome. Sometimes knowing that you're not alone can make a difference. Sadly, I can relate, your circumstances are a lot like mine when I was growing up. I did make it through. As an adult I've also been through a lot. For the last few years the people above and others here have seen me through some really difficult things. Having their support helped me through. If you need support or just someone to vent to, I'm here.
Rooster Cogburn
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There are some great people here Aldrich ! Welcome to blurtit and ask anything you like.
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In 1976 my 15 year old son was asked to write an essay about stress in the home. His teacher then make the mistake of saying, "It doesn't have to be completely accurate."

He wrote that his father was an alcoholic and was usually out drinking and that his mother was a hypochondriac who spent all her time in bed. As a consequence my son had to do all the cooking and cleaning as well as looking after the younger kids.

It was another 15 years before he told us about what he'd done. His teacher called him aside and offered to help in any way she could and asked if he'd like her to have the child welfare people call and sort things out. I'm so glad I never met that teacher. She'd have thought I was a bum.

We laugh about it now and I'm proud to have fathered the boy who invented trolling before the Internet introduced the word to general usage.

If you're not trolling, Aldrich, you need help, and you need it big time. If you're serious you should consult the school counsellor, tell him/her about your situation, and see what help you can get. Young people your age have enough problems of their own to cope with; you shouldn't have this kind of crap put on you.

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Aldrich Ames
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Lol. I haven't talked to the counsellor but I'll try it. I didn't think it was that serious of an issue as I got used to it. I've noticed my weight dropping really quickly nowadays which is why I was concerned. Thanks.
Aldrich Ames
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I should get to work now. Thanks guys.
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Dear Aldrich Ames,

I just came upon your Q, a few days late here...

What I would like to add is my own encouragement for your discussion with Didge, to see the counselor or somehow seek out help with your situation - especially since you are experiencing weight loss.

As a child and young woman I was quite thin, and not really from stress...a good family. But I remember having trouble eating; just a few bites and I would feel nauseated. Now in retrospect at the age of 72, I feel that nausea was some kind of semi-starvation reaction...just a guess...but worth considering for you, I think.

Anyway, do seek out resources that might improve your situation, and allow you to eat better. Your body is maturing now it's an important time...

Also we are resilient and I certainly turned out okay, but you are under circumstances too difficult for you, changes are needed.

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Virginia Lou
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Based on what your physician tells you, be prepared even to take it a bit easy with your studies for a time, if necessary…and you already seem to know that education is very very important. However I have helped a friend or two pull out of starvation, and that must take priority – again, depending on what your doctor finds.

Another thought is that here on Blurt, there are actually several people who have been through very difficult childhood…and made good lives, now in their sixties and seventies, even. Blurtit I think is quite a good site, and don’t hesitate to bring up any questions, you can get quite a variety of information and viewpoints.

My heart is with you, all best wishes for a wonderful life for you.
Aldrich Ames
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Thank you. I've considered a physician but when I move in with my brother I'll be able to get enough sleep and won't have to do much work. If I still keep getting head aches and feel sick when I eat a week later I'll definitely consult my physician. I also have to regain that weight I've lost.
Virginia Lou
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I think it sounds like you have a very level head, and you understand what you need to do, and you can just take things step-by-step now.
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Well I'm exhausted just reading your description. It sounds like you need some time for yourself, it is important to feel relaxed when you eat to give yourself time to chew and digest food. You need food in order to function, not getting enough nutrients could be why you are not sleeping enough, the body may feel hungry and it is keeping you awake in the form of nervous energy.  Start asking people for help, you cannot be expected to do it all, and a girlfriend is suppose to be fun not a chore that you fit in with your schedule. You need a life of your own, you deserve a life of your own, your life should be your own.

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Aldrich Ames
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Hanging out with my partner isn't a chore. It's fun. It's only not fun when I haven't gotten any sleep. Well, I'm moving in with my elder brother tomorrow which is good. So 90% of the stuff I have to do on my "To Do" list will be wiped away. She's stopped me from committing suicide 2 times and she's the only person that supports me. She notices I'm sleepy whenever I'm not having fun with her. She just tells me that we'll hang out later. It hanging out with her was a chore, I would've dumped her two years ago. Didn't do my work today since I'm moving out so I had a lot more time to go out, have fun and relax. So I'll have time for myself now.
Pepper pot
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I'm not saying it's a chore, but when you are feeling pressured by everything else that you are having to "fit her in" when she is the only person who gives back (by the sounds of it), then that should be a priority, in a world where you have become a workhouse any relief from that is a godsend. I'm really glad to hear that you are moving in with your brother and will be able to spend more time with the person who clearly loves you.
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