two negative effect of friction two ways to reduce this effect?


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Well, OK.  I was going more for heat and wear.  Reduction is by cooling and lubricant.  Guess I'm just not a "people" person

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Negative effect: Bad manners among Family and Friends.

Ways to reduce this effect: Knowing how to be helpful, courteous, pleasant, and polite will go a long way toward making a home happy. Learning how to voice the accepted everyday expressions of courtesy and consideration—such as “Thank-you,” “Please,” “Forgive me,” “I’m sorry”—will do much to eliminate destructive friction in our associations. These are little words with big meanings. Everyone can say them properly. They cost us nothing, but with them we buy friends. If we daily practice good manners in our homes, they will not leave us when we go outside the family circle and mingle with the public.

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