My friend just got diagnosed with leukemia (idk what type) at 13 years old. She is getting surgery done tomorrow. What happens during surgery (with leukemia specifically). Do you think she will be ok? Please pray for her if you can!


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Unless they are doing a bone marrow transplant I don't know what other kind of surgery they would do for leukemia. As for is she going to be ok, survival rate for childhood leukemia is very good. It is 85%. She is going to have a hard time in front of her for awhile There are going to be days she is not going to want to talk or be social, don't take it personal. It takes a lot out of a person to fight cancer. And it can be a long battle. Of course I will pray for her, and for you. It is tough to see a friend go through something like this. I know, because I have a friend doing the same thing. 

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