Is massage therapy training a waste of money?


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Didge Doo answered

It depends where you get the training, what you plan to use it for, and whether your course is recognised by any controlling body in your area.

I know one local "college" that charges top money to train masseurs but teaches very little. When Mrs Didge completed her course she found that her instructor was a student who had completed the course the previous year and had no practical experience. She also learned, too late, that her qualification would not be recognised by any reputable association.

If you only want to massage family or friends then any course might be sufficient, but don't make the mistake of paying too much for one.

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PJ Stein answered

The job market for a massage therapist for the next 20 years looks good, and the median income is $38,000/yr. So no, it is not a waste of money.

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Lard Ass answered

My migraines and my back say absolutely not! There's nothing more relaxing or more healing than a good massage by a well trained massage therapist!

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Nope .... Live fast die young  bad girls message very well ..... I don't know :) I was listening to this song though when I read your question so I'm SINGING!!! :)

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No, but check if the qualification is recognised.  Being a Hollistic therapist can generate good money, you can also work from home.

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