hello I am a 25 yo girl and my boyfriend would like me to get a penis operation...yes you heard right he wants me to have a penis even if it is nonfunctional. The question is should I do it (because I like the idea a little too)?


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Ancient Hippy answered

Do you both realize that it would be nonfunctional? It would be cheaper and more functional to just buy a strap on penis.

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Jann Nikka answered

A sad and pathetic thought that you would even think it would be OK to surgically add a nonfunctional penis to your body :(  

You have not shocked us. 

Bikergirl Anonymous Profile

You can buy that .. The strap on type.

All kidding by aside .. This kind of operation is lifelong, VERY  expensive and would take an enormous personal conviction for you (one I'm thinking you don't have) ..and, did I mention would last a lifetime .. Even after this boyfriend is long gone out of your life.

That is the most absurd request from a boyfriend I've ever heard

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Janis Haskell answered

I doubt that the relationship will last as long as the fake penis .... It's also doubtful that your next love interest will think it's cute.  You are now 25; try to picture your 70-yr old self with this added feature.

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