What are good home health care services for senior citizens?


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My mother-in-law has someone come in and do light cleaning for her. She has another that helps with her paperwork and shopping. And she has someone come in and helps her bathe. She is on oxygen and has limited vision.

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We don't know where you iive, Peter. I can tell you what's available in Oz but that won't help if you're elsewhere. (You can edit your question and add the couhtry or locality.)

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There are great home health services available for seniors, but it really depends on where you live as to what is available to you.

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I suggest something like hospice care if you can. Most isurance providers if you call them, can usually give you a list of places.

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You can choose:
Specialist Palliative Care and private home care services. At Eidyncare we only employ experienced care givers to ensure you get the best quality of care.

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