Is there a stomach flu going around your town? Or your school or your work place?


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Ray Dart answered

Could you explain "stomach flu" vis a vis "other flu? (Add accents as required).

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Didge Doo answered

I don't got no school (as you can tell from my lousy grammar) and I don't got no workplace (as you can tell by my penurious circumstances) but I do got a town and, no, we don't got no stomach flu round here.

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hey cameron answered

Not that I know of, but there is a regular flu going around. My teacher was out sick yesterday and a couple people I know are too. So I really hope I don't get it...

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Pepper pot answered

Hospitals and doctors are still warning us about the Norovirus.

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Ellie Mullins answered

Yes. A lot of people are home with the stomach flu.

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Yes already the second time this year people are going home sick. One of my classmates named Oscar went home yesterday (not for stomach flu reasons) because he had a serious asthma attack and he coughed really hard and then threw up a few times (in the bathroom thankfully)!!! So yeah my mom got it, and now the kids she takes care of every single day got sick. Seems like getting sick is normal in my family.

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Charles Davis answered

I'm afraid there really is no such thing as a "stomach Flu" From the Wiki

Nausea and vomiting occur more commonly in the unrelated infection gastroenteritis, which is sometimes inaccurately referred to as "stomach flu" or "24-hour flu".

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