what would happen to your body if you just ate fruits and veggies?


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Ancient Hippy answered

I'd have to permanently live in the bathroom.

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Levi F. answered

I don't know, but I imagine I'd feel a lot "cleaner"; it'd probably be very cleansing for the digestive system to only eat fruits and veggies. As it is, I'll continue to stuff myself with a lot of grain products and meat lol

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PJ Stein answered

Considering that few fruits and veggies are a strong source for protein, your brain and muscles would most likely deteriorate.  I have met a lot of people who used to be vegetarians, but ran into health issues because they were not getting enough protein.

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You probably will eventually have serious health problems. An associate professor in the school of dietetics and nutrition at McGill University in Montreal, says balance is needed. He said people need to make sure there are dairy products, protein, fruits, vegetables and fibre in their diet.” One concerned researcher asked: “If you don’t care about your health, what do you care about?”

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