So I have been to a rehab for Drugs and I have completely abstained from using any sort of drugs now. But my problem exists with smoking. I haven't been able to stop?


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They say nicotine is more addicting then heroine. Congratulations on being this far. You have done a great job. Don't dwell on what you haven't accomplished yet when there is such victory in what you have accomplished so far. Baby steps my friend. Baby steps. ☺

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Congratulations on getting through rehab and staying clean. When you are ready look for a support group that can help you. I live in Florida and our state has a program that helps people to stop smoking they will even supply free nicotine patches.

If you try and fail one way, dont give up hope. Everyone I know that has quit had to take their own path to get there.

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Get this book and read it. You can smoke while you read it.

" Allen Carr-The only way to stop smoking permanently"

Works for everyone.

Congrats on your lifestyle change !

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