what is stomach pains cause of?


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Danae Hitch answered

Something you ate.

An ulcer.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Being constipated.

Having gas.

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Isha Sharma answered

It is due to problem of digestion.Ayurvedic herb is home remedies for digestive problem.

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Hard Stone answered

De meest voorkomende zijn: Gastro-oesofageale refluxziekte (GERD), prikkelbare-darmsyndroom of spastisch colon (een aandoening die buikpijn, krampen en veranderingen in de stoelgang veroorzaakt) De ziekte van Crohn (een inflammatoire darmaandoening). It causes the anxiety and depresssion  disorder.
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Taila Nevado answered

Stomach pain can be caused by the following: Food poisoning,
gas, indigestion, stomach virus and Crohn's disease, amongst others. For women,
this may occur during the menstruation period. If it is not due to any of these
reasons or if it is accompanied by fever, you should contact your doctor.

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