How many push-ups can you do? -Or- Would you rather just eat the Push-ups ice cream treats?


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Kinda hard to with a broke arm!

I'll take the ice cream and pretend I did them.

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Probably only 10.

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Zero. I'll take the push up ice cream though.

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It had been a long time since I had done push- ups Happy but you got my curiosity going. I was at 13 when my dog decided to show up and start licking my face like it was an ice cream push- up. She must know when to come to the rescue. LOL

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Haha!! The cats come running when Mr. H does them. Lou lies down in front and bats his head on each down. Molly jumps on his back and treats him like a carnival ride. Tiny walks in and out from under him, rubbing on his arms and face. I have a picture somewhere of Molly perched atop his butt, while he was stretching in the "down dog" position.
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Hi there. It depends on type of push ups. I usually do 4 sets of 40 with 1-2 minute rest in between. If you will tired you can put your knees on the ground. Also it will be good to use special push up bars for this exercise. Some examples you can check on site.

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