I fell down on a cracked sidewalk and Injured seriously. Clearly, the property owner should have maintained the safety of the sidewalk. However, he claims that he didn’t know there was any danger. Can I still hold him responsible?


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You need to talk to a lawyer.

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Where I live, if I want the sidewalk in front of my house repaired, the city and I split the cost of the repair and they handle the logistics.

There is a "reasonable man" concept at play here---and involves some considerations of "assumption of risk" on your part (if applicable) and who is responsible---individually and severally.

Lawyer consultations are usually free.

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Yep. Get a lawyer.

Where I live, the sidewalk is city property ... but the land owners are responsible for maintaining it ... but they have to get permission (and permits) from the city. And many times the damage is due to city-owned trees (and the roots) ... which could be damaged by repairs to the sidewalk ... so special maintenance has to be done in coordination with the city arborist.

In other words, it's a pain-in-the-ass that can take years for the land owner to get permits for ... so many of them just paint bright yellow/orange warning stripes on damaged sidewalks. LOL

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