My ear's been blocked with wax all day, how can I unblock it?


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U can buy over the counter ear wax drops.

U could try warming a small dish, wrapping a towel around it and lay with the blocked ear on it. Sometimes the gentle heat ( with a massage ) can help loosen the wax and help the water and wax drain out.

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Are you sure it is wax and not sinus pressure? Take the hottest shower you can stand. Breathe in the steam. After you get out blow your nose. If that relieves the pressure it is a sinus pressure and start taking something for ypur sinuses.

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Clean it.

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It is important to be careful when cleaning out your ears. If you have a buildup, I think, it is better to address a doctor. But in case you want to solve the problem by yourself, I suggest following this ear wax removal procedure. Hope it helps!

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