I’m currently pregnant from my ex bf and recently developed a FWB relationship with a guy I’ve been friends with for 2 years and every time we hook up he cuddles before sex, is very affectionate, says things like “I just want you to know I’m not here just to have sex with you” and kisses me a lot. Is he falling for me?


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No. You are just being used as his play toy. How would you feel if you have a daughter and some boy treats her that way!?! You are somebody's little girl. Would your parents approve of how you are being treated? You deserve to be someone's everything. You are worth more then what you give yourself. And more importantly your CHILD is worth more then that! It's time to grow up and be a woman. Your baby is counting on it.

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Serena Jean
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Well we both originally agreed it was just a sex thing, no strings attached. I’ve just always had a bit of a crush on him. I’m just curious as if he’s starting to like me, because he always kisses me extremely passionately and cuddles me right when he gets to my house, and he always flirts and teases me, and he got jealous when a guy texted me when he was over. All the signs point to him liking me but I’m sure he doesn’t want to be with someone who’s pregnant by a different guys kid, that’s why we’re just keeping it a sexual relationship. Lately he’s just been so affectionate that it seems a little different.
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I just don’t get why’d he would want to have sex with me if I’m pregnant? He’s extra good looking and could get any girl yet he choose me? He’s gotta have some sort of feelings right?
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To be honest... he could be just getting his jollies off with you because he knows he CAN'T get you pregnant because you already are pregnant. Please for your babies sake, stop this reckless behavior. This child needs you.
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I'm not trying to be mean, but if saying something like that and cuddle you and kiss you a lot before sex, how come to EX for now? Seems like he's not that into you.

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