How can i book online appointments with doctors in India?


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visit for more help: We will provide you free health consultation dr. List and adress in sites.

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Find And Book Doctor Appointment Online In India





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Recently the Indian market has seen a surge in digital healthcare apps. Online medical consultation has started to gain some traction and people are opening up to the possibility of replacing a visit to a physical hospital with an online alternative.

I myself believe that online consultation provides a hassle free option to address non-emergency medical queries. While growing up in India we had the option of a family physician who was available to us at our beck an call but with time this concept has mostly disappeared.

Talking about the apps in Indian market, my vote goes to VISIT (Visit - Free Chat with a Doctor). Founded by four BITS Pilani alumnus it has a great interface and provides good customer support.

They have an excellent feature called ‘Q’ which lets you text a doctor with non emergency medical queries and get instant responses. For a person as lazy as me even getting on a phone call feels like a headache so texting is a very good option. You get instant responses and can follow up on your previous queries whenever you want to (they let you add notes at any point of time).

Apart from that they have specialist doctors too for serious consultations.

Do try their app!

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Have you heard of Lybrate, which is having 13 lakh+ listed doctors profile from all over country, you consult to them 24X7 via smartphones, and book their appointment slot.

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