Is accidental vaginal penetration possible without male's knowing and feeling? Can it really happen?


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I'll give you the same answer I gave you the last time you asked this question... Sure it's possible if you have a teeny weeny and since you don't know if you did the deed or not I guess we can all assume that you have a teeny weeny.

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Only if you have to use tweezers to hold it.

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No unless you're really dumb

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Okay... I am trying to look at this question from other angles to see what the heck you might be getting at... You were with a commercial sex worker so I assume you mean prostitute right? So are you asking because he/she ended up with HIV and your terrified you have the virus now? Or do you have the virus but can't figure out how she/he didn't catch it? Or did he/she have the virus and your test came back negative so far and your freaking out? Go to a doctor and get a full medical work up! And PLEASE put a condom on it!

Or do you need to see legal advice because either you are being accused of rape or you are accusing one of rape? You need legal advice, a lawyer, a police man, etc.

Maybe you need new friends? Did they play some sort of cruel hazing joke on you and you woke up naked in a bed with a stranger laying next to you?

What ever the true reason is behind your questions... You need to take it up with the proper channels. On line question and answer sites are not gonna be able to justify your HIV, rape or hazing, etc.

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Eshan Chowdhury
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I don't know if the prostitutes were positive or not.The girl offered me to have unprotected sex because she had no condom this time but I refused.We both were naked.I was sucking her boobs.I wasn't drunk and fully conscious.I didn't even rub my penis against her vagina.I never wanted to penetrate her.:But my mind says now if I penetrated her without knowing.That's the fact.
Yin And Yang
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Sounds like you are delusional over some sort of fantasy of yours...
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Perhaps under the influence of drugs, it might happen.

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Perhaps if you were unconscious and still had an erection you might be unaware it happened---but if you were unconscious, then it would hardly happen accidentally.

But if that happened without your knowing and feeling, you might want to kill yourself now; because life is not going to be any fun for you in the future.

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Eshan Chowdhury
Eshan Chowdhury commented
I was not drunk .I was fully conscious.
Eshan Chowdhury
Eshan Chowdhury commented
I even didn't rub my penis against her vagina.Once my penis came close to her vagina.Now I am thinking if my penis enters her vagina without my knowing.Is it really possible...
Yin And Yang
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Believe it or not, your big head DOES control your little head! It is not possible for your penis to do anything your mind don't make it do, except maybe MAYBE an erection!

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