My sister is 9 year's old and she started her period like 6 months ago and every month she has her period but like its been 2 or 3 months now and she hasn't had her period yet. Is this normal or should she see a doctor?


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Willie B. good answered

It's not uncommon for her menstrual cycle to be irregular when she first starts. Yes it's normal

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Yin And Yang answered

She sounds normal to me. However if your mom is concerned it is wise to talk to a trusted doctor.

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Yes it's normal for a Female to start her menstrual cycle at age 9  and yes she will be irregular to she gets older and more mature than she will eventually get regulated. Yes very normal to go for months without her cycle very much normal i wouldn't get worried but wouldn't hurt to consult with a pediatrician i highly doubt they would refer her to a gynecologist too young. But the doctor is your best choice for the correct answer.

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