Have you (or anyone you know) ever been in anaphylactic shock due to an allergic reaction to something? What was the allergen? 😓


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Yes, someone I know suffered respiratory problems after hair colouring. Her head swelled to the size of a basketball. The pictures are still used by local hospitals as examples of what might go wrong if you get allergic reaction testing wrong.

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My mom went to the ER in the middle of the night with (what the Dr said) full blown anaphylactic shock. He said she is lucky to be alive. Scary to think about. They said it was due to a medicine and she is never to take that medicine again. 😓 Which makes me wonder... What if it was one ingredient in the medication? Will the pharmacy know not to allow her to have any medicine with any of the ingredients in this particular medication? Is this why they gave her anaphylactic shots just in case it happens again?

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Wow ! A friend of my sister died in her sleep of that. Recently, divorced and took a new -to - her pill and went into shock.
Living in the country, this is why if I have to take a new med... I take it while in the city, before travelling a few miles back home. Cause every second counts.
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I am so sorry. How scary! And you are very smart to take your medicine in the city.
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Been there. I have around 30 drug allergies and around 15 non-drug allergies.

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Friend at work---seafood

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My sister has always had allergies to the point that hives make her look deformed and my parents took her to the family doctor and he gave her shot to help her but she was able to breath. Now me i can't handle CT Scan Dye the type that goes in a IV into the blood stream but i can handle the liquid CT Scan Dye that is type you swallow. I went for CT Scan of my head one time and became like a Alzheimer's patient i was extremely confused didn't know where i was going it was horrible effect on me. 

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Yeah no more CT Scan Dye for me in my veins they can keep it.
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My mom's allergic to that to. It's scary also cuz you never know if the allergy is something "inherited."
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Yes so true , i heard from doctors that the chemical cycles of our bodies change , from time to time we can get allergies to certain things from foods to medications , we just never know .

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