How important are variety fruits and vegetables in the diet? My daughter is 35. On the autistic spectrum and will eat carrots, lettuce and grapes. Should I MAKE her eat other veggies and fruits or just leave it alone?


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Willie B. good answered

Why don't you go eat a Spam sandwich, stop trolling this site with your stupid anonymous questions

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Toni Pauze answered

If you didn’t make her eat healthy when you had the chance. It’s too late now.  Your time telling her what to do passed a long time ago.

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PJ Stein answered

You shouldn't MAKE her do anything. You can offer other veggies and ask her to try them. There are some great veggie options to foods now. Birdseye now has broccoli and cauliflower tots. They even have a broccoli and cheese variety. They also make veggie pasta. It is made from a bean paste. You can also make or buy things like zucchini bread. There are many options to "sneak" veggies into her diet.

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