Is it really possible to lift and carry something that outweighs you? If so, which muscles are most important for lifting and carrying it? Just legs and core? Or do you need strong arms and chest muscles as well?


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I am gonna be honest with you... I don't think it matters the size or placement of muscles. I believe it is a matter of the brain and heart. If your brain tells you you can do it, then chances are you will. (Maybe with injury but still... Gotta be smart. Lol!) As far as the heart.... Have you ever heard stories of petite mothers lifting up a car from on top of their child? It happens. The heart of a parent gives them super powers when it comes to their children. 😊

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Accessing the brain response that allows us to use our super strength abilities is not under our conscious control---it is apparently an evolutionary last ditch response to a situation where our "survival with injury" is preferable to our individual extinction.
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Oh wow! THAT is interesting! 😊
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