Can It Be 'Normal' To Miss Your Period Even Though There Is No Way You Are Pregnant?


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Although pregnancy is the number one reason why women miss their periods, there are a wide number of reasons why you might have missed your period, which have nothing to do with being pregnant.

Many women's periods are affected by stress. Stress can cause periods to become irregular, change them from heavy to light or vice versa, and can cause them to stop completely. This is because the body releases less of a particular hormone, Gonadotropin-realeasing hormone, meaning that your periods are thrown off course. The effects of stress on fertility are hardly ever permanent, and by consulting a doctor or therapist, you can work on reducing the amount of stress in your life to help get your periods back on track.

Another common reason behind missed periods is illness. Sicknesses like the common cold aren't usually behind irregularities in your cycle, but bouts of more serious sickness can change and temporarily stop your periods. Common sense would dictates that this is because, during illness, your body is not in a suitable condition to maintain a child, and so your periods may stop to prevent you from getting pregnant, and putting more pressure on your body as a result.

Your weight can also affect your periods. Being unhealthily overweight can cause changes in your menstrual cycle, and can stop your periods. On the other end of the scale, being underweight or excessive exercising can also stop your periods - as in the case of many female gymnasts, swimmers or athletes. Generally, once you return to a healthy weight, your periods will start again or become more regular. To find out whether or not you are at a healthy weight, search "body mass index charts" on your internet search engine.

If you are of a certain age, then you could be approaching or experiencing the menopause. When women reach the age of around 50, their periods stop occurring. This is a natural phenomenon which is nothing to worry about, and is known as the menopause.
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Yes it is normal, if there is stress in your life you can miss it, also if you have gained or lost a signifant amount of weight you can miss it
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christian jacob answered possible if you travel a lot or you lose wieght suddenly or you do some hard exercise..or maybe you're under pressure from exams, college, etc...all this because you miss your period but if that last more than two month you should go to doctor.
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Yes it can be normal but a lot can depend on your age, if you are younger it can be that you haven't got a regular cycle yet, or on the other hand it could be because you are going through the menopause if you are older but I would get it checked with a doctor anyway because it will put your mind at rest.
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What You Need to Know If You've Missed a Period
In short, yes - it is normal, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be concerned.

Menstrual periods are mostly controlled by hormones, chemicals produced by the body to regulate itself. In most women, menstrual bleeding occurs every 24-32 days. A missed period means that hormones are out of 'normal' balance. There are many causes of missed periods - and pregnancy is only one of them. Two medical terms describe missing periods: Amenorrhea, meaning an absence of periods for 3 months or more and oligomenorrhea, meaning irregularity of periods.

Young women who have recently started their period often aren't regular for up to two years after their first menstruation. For young women within this two year span, it is completely normal to miss a period.

But what if you've had regular periods for several years and suddenly you miss one? Is this normal? Yes, it can be, but you should pay attention because your body won't skip a period without a reason. Common non-disease reasons you might miss a period include: Pregnancy, cessation of hormonal contraceptives like birth control pills, patches, shots, implants, and vaginal rings, weight gain or rapid weight loss, very low body fat, stress, high levels of exercise, and obesity. If you've had sex, you could be pregnant and should be tested. If you've been under an unusual amount of stress or just started training for a marathon, then one missed period is not unusual...... A missed period can be a sign of pregnancy, but there are other reasons why a girl might miss her period — including stress, illness, a diet that's too low in fat, changes in sleep patterns or exercise, or just a period that hasn't become regular yet.

It can take a while for a young woman's body to adjust to hormone changes and begin to "run" smoothly and regularly. She might have a light flow or a heavy flow, the length of the flow may vary, or her periods might be late. She might even skip some months. Usually, a young woman's periods and cycles become more regular as she grows older....
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Thank you sooo much I'm still kind of on the skipping part do you think its because I walk to school? Its really scary I might go to the doctor
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I have missed my period for   2 months now. I am very worried. What is going on with my body?? When will I get my period again?
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Me&my girlfrnd   doing sex on regular basis,but last time she took I pill & now she missed her period at this month...also last month she had 2 periods,this is due to ipill
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I'm wondering the same thing haha. I have an irregular period so I never know when I'm going to get it, and I havent had it since december of 2009, and its now february of 2010. I'm of course worried, especially because my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time, then once more at the beginning of January. I do not want to be pregnant, and I know that I'm really stressed out from school and such so its probably that, but I would recommend going to a Gynecologist and asking these questions. I'm going for my first appointment friday, so I'll let you know what I find out about missing a period. Although mine is most definitely NOT pregnancy, its still scary to miss your period a whole month, huh?
Best of luck :)

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