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Simply put, snot is mucus that is produced by a special membrane in the nose. The purpose of snot is to trap dust particles, germs and pollen that are inhaled and to prevent them from getting into the lungs. When the inhaled particle and the surrounding mucus that surrounds it dry and solidify, you get what most people call bogeys (or boogers in the USA).

Runny noses and copious amounts of snot can be particularly bothersome during the winter. Ailments such as the common cold can lead to increased nasal mucus production but even those in good health can find themselves sniffing and snotting when they walk from the cold outside air into a well heated room. This is because mucus will thicken outside in the cold, but in a heated room the mucus thins and becomes runny.

A particularly charming thought to finish on: we actually produce a cupful of nasal mucus every day and much of it ends up getting swallowed!
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Snot is very important, inside the nose are tiny hairs that trap dust and dirt etc. And the moisture in our system goes to the sinus cavity, and helps expell these pollutants.  Also, when we get colds, or allergies, there is more produced to flush out what is making us ill.  I wish I were a gorilla.  They have no sinus cavities therefore can't get colds, or suffer from allergies.  Pretty wild eh! Pardon the pun
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Snot is a thick, sticky, slimy substance manufactured by all mammals.
When bits of stuff get stuck in your nose hairs, snot surrounds that stuff and traps it.
The main function of snot is to trap particles in the air inhaled through the nose and keep our lungs clean.
If we didn't have snot, we would all get sick and die.
Snot is a mixture of water and the particles that it and the cilia filter out. It also includes shed epithelial cells, dead leukocytes, dead bacteria and their products, mucin, and inorganic salts.
Snot is also important for washing away dead cells that naturally accumulate in your nose.
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I'm in the dog house for telling my 4 y/o grandson that swallowing nose burgers has redemptive qualities. I listened to a radio program that said burgers were good for you. Now my 4 y/o grandson is searching for burgers where there aren't any. Just enjoying the taste of the mucus I think and my daughter is ready to shut the door on the dog house. She is being told by his pre-K teacher that this behavior warrants a trip to the principal's office.
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Yearns for freedom so that  it can turn into crusty stuff
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It mean something like mucus.
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The term snot is a crude noun which typically is used to describe nasal mucus. That is, it is used as another word for phlegm. As slang, the term is frequently employed to refer to one who is regarded as arrogant, annoying, or impertinent. The term snot is thus also used as a synonym for the words prig and snob

The term is Middle English; which roots in the Old English term gesnot.

Snot is also the name of a metal/ funk/punk band. A character that features in the video game called Earthworm Jim goes by the name Snott. It may be used in reference to Sid Snot, who is an ageing biker character that was performed by Kenny Everett.

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