How Can You Tell If Someone Is Doing Coke?


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At first they may go unnoticed because they are so subtle. As the symptoms of cocaine use grow larger so does the individuals addiction to cocaine. Cocaine symptoms may start off as simple as a normal nosebleed and can become as extreme as cardiac arrest.
The effects of cocaine are immediate, extremely pleasurable, and brief. Cocaine and crack cocaine both produce intense but short-lived euphoria and can make users feel more energetic. Like caffeine, cocaine produces wakefulness and reduces hunger. Psychological effects include feelings of well-being and a grandiose sense of power and ability mixed with anxiety and restlessness. As the drug wears off, these temporary sensations of mastery are replaced by an intense depression, and the drug abuser will then "crash", becoming lethargic and typically sleeping for several days.
Cocaine addiction can occur very quickly and be very difficult to break. Animal studies have shown that animals will work very hard (press a bar over 10,000 times) for a single injection of cocaine, choose cocaine over food and water, and take cocaine even when this behavior is punished. Animals must have their access to cocaine limited in order not to take toxic or even lethal doses. People addicted to cocaine behave similarly. They will go to great lengths to get cocaine and continue to take it even when it hurts their school or job performance and their relationships with loved ones.
If someone you care about has one or more of the following symptoms of cocaine use, he may be using cocaine or other illicit drugs:
Red, bloodshot eyes
A runny nose, frequently sniffing, or bloody nose
A change in eating or sleeping patterns
A change in groups of friends
A change in school grades or behavior
Acting withdrawn, depressed, tired, or careless about personal appearance
Losing interest in school, family, or activities he or she used to enjoy
Frequently needing money
Increased energy
Talking rapidly
Rapid pulse and respiration
Dilated pupils
Altered motor activities (tremors, hyperactivity)
Stereotyped, repetitive behavior
Impaired judgment
Perspiration or chills
Nausea or vomiting
Evidence of weight loss
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It could be difficult if you did not know any of the signs, first sign could be pupils are larger than normal do you know if this person is a drug user of any they prefer uppers or downers some signs are loss of sleep sometimes even days and loss of appetite..when it wears off they sleep much heavier than usual and can even sleep for days they are very happy when they are high talkative and irritable when they are not using some warning signs are not being able to account for the money spent cause it is expensive the drug can be used several different ways and can be hidden if you do not know what you are looking for the most common use is snorting or sniffing up the nose  it can become very irritated red ,raw clogged or runny some use nose inhalers to keep the cavity open so they can continue use.. Look for drug paraphenalia such as rolled dollar bills, straws,broken down ink pens ..razorblades or mirrors with white powder substance on it..another way to use is to inject it with a needle watch for long sleeves on hot days or bruising in arm pits where a dr would draw blood it causes bad bruising long sleeves would hide it ask to see arms some inject in other veins also hands, feet some people use make up to hide it.. Another way it can be used is to smoke it thats when they call it crack cocaine what to look for  then they use other chemicals to make it smokable such as baking soda or ammonia look for maybe glass pipes lots of used lighters well this is all I know is a sad thing if this drug takes a hold of any one
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It might be hard to tell. Some people can act completely normal while on cocaine. A few clues to cocaine use might be grinding the jaw, biting the lip or talking excessively.
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The symptoms of Cocaine abuse can be classified into the short term and the long term. Besides having the blood and urine of a person tested a careful observation of an individuals behaviour to a pattern of behavioural symptoms can help a person identify to some degree of certainty cocaine abuse. Immediate or short term symptoms include increased energy, dilated pupils, increased blood pressure, increased temperature, constricted blood vessels, increased heart rate, mental alertness and decreased appetite. The long term symptoms of cocaine include mood disturbance, paranoia, restlessness, auditory hallucinations and irritability.

Cocaine is a very addictive substance and once a person is hooked there are a lot of boundaries he will be willing to cross to continue to use the drug. It is suggested that the euphoric feeling that comes from first time use is often sought by addicts and this is the rush that they try and achieve by subsequently using the drug.
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I don't know...but I would really like to know.
I have heard 'through the grape vine' that my older sister has turned into a total coke head. I'm really worried and want to know the signs that this is true or not. All I have found is stuff about pupils, heart rate, energy levels ect. But shes hardly ever home anymore so I can't very well watch her that closely....
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He stay out all night and come with no money.
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Often high strung and easily agitated, nose bleeds happen easily and frequently with chronic users.

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