Can You Describe 2 Interactions That Has Been Participated In The Role Of Carer, Using Communication Skills To Assist Patients/service Users?


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When you are a carer you need to be aware that you have to communicate in the best way possible to ensure that the patient and the other members of staff are as comfortable as possible. Communication skills such as speaking and advising are very important.

· Speaking

You will need to be aware of the different tone of voice that you are going to have to adopt for a patient. When you are a carer you need to always seem confident with the decisions that you make. You will need to have a strong clear voice when you are speaking to colleagues and a soft and comforting one when working with patients.

· Advising

You are always going to have to advise patients on how they can care for themselves when you are not there and this is something you are going to have to work until you feel completely confident in your job.

· Control

As a carer you are going to need to take control of situations and ensure that you are confident in the decisions that you make. You need take care of everything so there are not going to be any problems.

You will need to work on every aspect of your communication skills to ensure you are successful as a carer. Your colleagues need to be confident in you and the patients need to have faith in you, and feel like they can rely on you without there being any problems.

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