Are Costco Hearing Aids Any Good?


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Costco hearing aids get mixed reviews. The truth is they are far cheaper than average market price and, in most cases, they do the job.

But this doesn't mean that they are great value for money.

In my opinion, seeking the expert opinion of an audiologist would be the best move to make.

Are Costco hearing aids any good? Whether a Costco hearing aid will work for you depends on a number of factors. Being fitted with the correct hearing aid is imperative to the success of the device.

The severity of your hearing condition will also have some impact on the results you'll get from wearing a Costco hearing aid.

If you take into consideration that hearing aids generally cost anywhere from $3000 and up, picking up a device that costs around $400 (and lasts for several years) makes a lot of sense.

Should I buy a Costco hearing aid?
As a consumer, the burden is on you to do as much research as possible. Hearing aids aren't commodity products, so when picking one, you'll want to ensure quality. There's no point in saving a few dollars, but still not being able to hear!

In my personal opinion, the price of a hearing aid doesn't necessarily reflect its quality. Whilst every company needs to have a profit margin, the general perception is that the more you fork out, the better the product.

My view is that the cost of production is a far more accurate gauge of quality. According to one article I read recently, Costco hearing aids can cost as little as $300 to produce.

When you take into consideration that their products retail for somewhere around the $1700 mark, this actually represents a larger profit-margin than that of most of the more expensive brands. This would suggest that Costco are not actually providing as much value for money as people might assume!
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Costco hearing aids are the same type of hearing aids offered at outside hearing aid dispenser offices. It's often not the hearing aid that is "bad", it's usually the person fitting you with the hearing aids.

Factors that determine the success of a hearing aid is also the perception of the wearer. Yes, you are equally responsible for whether or not you will succeed with hearing aids. Hearing aids do not give hearing perfection.

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