How Could Cloning Benefit Infertile Couples And Homosexuals?


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As long as their are humans on the planet, there will be gays galore, get over it.
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The other main reason why some support the practice of embryo research is that it may lead to infertile couples being able to have their own child. The Italian doctor, Severino Antinori is determined progress a method of human cloning which would give an opportunity to couples - who cannot use test tube fertilisation because the male produces no sperm - to have a baby. This is done by injecting genetic material from the father into an egg, which would then be implanted into a women's womb to grow and develop. It is possible that the resulting child would have exactly the same physical characteristics of the father, according to Antinori.

Additionally, the arguments goes that further research on embryos may eventually come as a benefit to homosexual couples, who as a result over time, may be able to have children with the same characteristics of their own. These two practices would obviously be subject to new legislation permitting it.
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The benefit of cloning is "astronomical". Cloning would open up unlimited possibilities for advancements in science, medicine, genetics, mathematics, technology and many other fields. "Infertile" and homosexual couples can have children. People who have lost a loved one can have their loved one(s) returned to them as a clone. When a person's body becomes old and "dead" they can have transplant(s) to replace the old or damaged body parts but some body parts can't be replaced easily (circulator system, certain bones, nerves and arteries, etc.) and instead of going through all that or dying (death isn't the end) they could have had years earlier a clone created for them and they could have their old body "swapped out" for their new one. The military could use cloning to create armies of cloned soldiers to fight in their wars. People could create copies of themselves for whatever reason(s). The benefits of cloning are enormous and most people have not yet begun to grasp all of them in their entirety.                                                                                                                                             OPEN YOUR MIND AND SOON THE TRUTHS SHALL BE REVEALED TO YOU                                    JOIN YOUR VOICE WITH MINE AND WE SHALL SING PEACE EVERLASTING

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