I Feel Like I'm Full Of Fearful Nervous Energy, And Nothing Seems To Calm Me Down, Not Even A Long Soak In A Hot Bath. Can Aromatherapy Help Me Relax, And If So, How?


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I'm full of nervous energy as well..I havent found out how to get rid of it..my mind races yet my body can be completely exhausted...I wake up some mornings and my body is aching so much ive been bought to tears..I find getting to bed earlier than normal helps, mind you my hours of sleeping are WAY out of wack..I sleep most nights from 3-4am in the morning till miday..but if I can manage to get to bed by 12 or 1am I do feel better the next day...I think having a support group of friends, even just one person to talk to about how your feeling really helps. Just talking with someone who is willing to listen can make you feel like your not alone..I think exercise helps too. Even just half an hour walk 5 days a week.. Other than that, writing down your feelings, affirmations before bed... E.G. 'I'm going to be happy and calm tomorrow and let nothing stand in my way to make me feel sad or miserable'
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If you're on edge physically, mentally or emotionally, a hot bath won't calm you down completely. Yes, it'll take the weight off your muscles and bone structure, but it won't do much for the thoughts whizzing around in your head. Or the emotions they cause.

But aromatherapy can help you relax, physically, mentally and emotionally - here's a simple, effective recipe to help you lie back in your bath and relax – physically, mentally and emotionally:

1 drop Marjoram, for relaxing your mind and body
2 drops Lavender, for nurturing and soothing you
2 drops Sandalwood, for releasing any irrational fears

Add the oils to a warm bath and swirl the water round before stepping in.

You'll enjoy the aroma of those oils while your skin soaks them in.

Relax in your bath for at least 15 minutes, and when you get out, don't towel yourself down - pat yourself dry, so you can absorb the last of the essential oils on your skin.
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All of the above answers are very correct. I also want to point out that how you are doing nutritionally can have a large effect on the way you feel emotionally. If your diet is not in check, you are eating foods that you have intolerances to, or you have any significant vitamin/mineral deficiencies you are prone to anxiety/depression. Start eating healthy.

Make sure you are eating balanced meals throughout the day containing good protein sources (nuts, eggs, lean meat) and healthy fat (olive/grapeseed/hemp oil) and try to limit your consumption of grains as high carbohydrate meals will spike your blood sugar and cause a subsequent crash. Not to mention the phytic acid contained in grains is an anti-nutrient and if taken at every meal could result in the afforementioned nutrient deficiencies.

Also look into the power of adaptogenic herbs. Eastern medicine has recognized for centuries that plants have incredible immune systems and that many of these plants have the power to transfer this "knowledge" to the human body by stabilizing, or modulating, your stress response. Ayurvedic herbs such as Ashwaghanda and Holy Basil are great examples. Panax ginseng and gingko are others. And there is my personal favorite, Rhodiola. You'll find that they significantly reduce your stress load.
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If you've currently stooped an antipsychotic or started one it could be akethesia.  Also you may be wound up from a external or internal stressor,   which is causing your mind and body to race.  It also could be bipolar mania.  Talk to your doctor or a Physciatrist and tell them what your experiencing.
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Maybe you have anxiety problems or attention problems. Ask you doctor if you should be on medication.
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Aromatherapy is not intended to get rid of your fears or anxieties for the rest of the day. It is only for the time being... As previously posted, that may work to calm you down for 15 minutes, but, the rest of the day will continue on.

You'll have to ask yourself, where are these energies coming from, and why so you can conquer them. A bath with oils will only soothe the symptoms, not cure the cause.

Another way to calm down is to meditate, if bathing isn't working for you, and you're only looking to soothe the symptoms. Google "panic" and "meditation" and you'll find some interesting readings.

I encourage you to sit down in a quiet room and try to just write. Write your fears, write your frustrations, write in big letters if you need to. Write letters to people you're angry at, with the intentions of not sending them. Write down the reasons why you're nervous and approach them with strong will power. If you want to try aromatherapy while doing this, get some scented candles with lavender (very soothing scent).

Good luck to you.
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Peace will really be the cure for you. There are also herbs out there. But ask the God of Peace who doesn't hold anything good back from His children to comfort you and He will. Wait on Him. Don'T get impatient. His timing is different than ours because a thousand days to Him is like a heartbeat. But He ALWAYS listens and is there for you and WILL comfort you without a doubt. He will do far beyond what we can ever ask of Him or imagine because he is way better than anything we can imagine. People who are angry at God will say this isnt true but if they let down their walls and let the King of Peace come in, they will also feel His overwhelming love. Meditation only clears your mind, but meditating on God lets what we are all meant for... To be romanced by the one who loves us unconditionally!
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You must have a knot in mind. A hot bath or other relaxing exercise only can remove your disturbance in your body not your mind.
You should find out what problems perplex you or something happened that you can't solve or worry about. Once those problem get solved, you will be light-hearted.

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