My Neck Hurts And I Can't Move It In Any Direction .Because Hurts And I Can't Even Eat Because It Hurts.what Should I Do?


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I have that same problem too. What I do is put a heating pad on it , and put on muscle relaxing cream(icy-hot etc.). You can also take a warm shower, with your back turned to the water, and move your shoulders around like you were rowing a boat. Do that for 15 mins or until pain is gone.
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How old are you, and have you ever had the mumphs, don't know how to spell.  Get yourself checked out at they are dangerous depending on age, as this is a glandular virus.  Don't worry until you know for sure, in the meantime, tea with lemon, and try to find someone to give you a neck rub.  The more information and history you have the better the diagnosis.  Best to see family doctor as soon as you can or get yourself to a clinic, could be tonsils as well

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