How Do You Clear Blocked Ear Naturally?


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Blocked ears are a common complaint but relatively easy to cure. The most common way to unblock an ear naturally is simply to open the jaw widely, as if yawning and that should be enough. Another basic method is to hold your nose and blow. At the start of a flight airlines sometimes hand out sweets for the purpose of unblocking ears naturally, quite often the sucking and swallowing action does the job.
The thing with a blocked ear is that it can cause discomfort and even affect the balance, which can be dangerous enough just walking around but also a menace if you need to drive or operate machinery.
There are plenty of old wives tales on how to get rid of a block in the ear and one is to take a half-cup of warm water and mix it with a teaspoon of salt. Take a small quantity of the mixture and pour it into your palm then inhale the mixture through your nose while keeping your mouth closed. Turn your head from side to side and this should unblock the ears.
Or you can try taking two garlic cloves and heating them in some sesame oil, once you have allowed the oil to cool slightly place a few drops in your ear. Take a soft cloth and hold it over the ear and lie down with the covered ear facing the ground. This will help clear the ear and help fight infection.
It is not advisable to stuff cotton buds in the ear to try and clear it as you will probably end up just pushing the ear wax in deeper and can risk infection.
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Hi I have just done this after weeks of blocked ears after having a cold and swimming in a lake. I can now hear better and will continue to do it until my hearing is back to being perfect. THANKS SO MUCH!!! Very cheap/ easy way to help :-)
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You Have A Blocked Ear?, Correct. Well You Get A Blocked Ear By Lots Of Different Ways,Most Populaur Sevral. Such As After Arraving/Departing Plane Trip. Well You Can Get It Out With CottonBuds, Earbuds, Yawning, Poke. If You Poke Hard, Try To Avoid Doing That Because For Sevral Weeks/Days You Will Not Be Able To Hear Well With That Ear. Because Poking, If You Do It Right To The Eardrum Makes Causes Of It Getting Blocked Like A Wall Because Its Getting Blocked By Whatever Is Keeping The Way Of How The System Works.
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Well, if you can't get it out with cotton buds then go to the hospital and ask for grommets
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Ears often get blocked due to the clogging up of ear wax. Follow the given instructions in order to unblock the ear in a safe manner:

Pour some warm water in a bowl; to this add an equal quantity of hydrogen peroxide. Insert this solution into an ear syringe. After this, you should lie down on your side and put a small quantity of the solution in your blocked ear with the help of a syringe. Continue lying down for several minutes, you will hear the hydrogen peroxide bubbles in your ear.

After the bubbling ceases, drain the liquid out of the ear into the bowl. Repeat the process until the solution is over.

It might help if the peroxide is heated before hand. Also do not perform this procedure if you have undergone air travel recently.

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