What Are Lipids And How Do We Test For Them?


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The simplest way to test for lipids is the Brown paper test. Any solution that you want to test is first taken. A drop of the solution is placed on the brown paper. It is then allowed to dry. If the spot on the brown paper is translucent, lipids are present in the solution. However, this is a very basic test and not quantitative at all.

You can also use the emulsion test for lipids. For that you need two test tubes. Fill one with water and the other with ethanol. Add a drop of oil to ethanol and leave for some time. Then gradually add the ethanol solution into the test tube with water. You will notice that a whitish emulsion forms on top of the water. The lipids have been broken down into small droplets which form the emulsion.

For an illustration of the above method, follow the link below:
Emulsion Test

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