What Is Vtech Of The Heart?


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Used by medical professionals, the phrase ‘v-tech’ tends to refer to congestive heart failure, a serious condition that can be caused by high blood pressure and cholesterol. In turn, the patient may experience breathlessness and an inability to complete day-to-day activities. Treatment can be essential if a sufferer of congestive heart failure is to get any quality of life back.

To prevent the dangers of heart failure, it’s vitally important to look out for the symptoms. For example, a loved one may not be as hungry as they usually are, unable to eat the portions that they would normally consume with ease. In addition, an employer may voice concerns about their performance at work; particularly if they are suffering from lapses in concentration that are endangering their own life and the wellbeing of others.

It’s important to be aware about the dangers of heart conditions, especially considering that an estimated five million Americans are affected by it. This is due to a poor lifestyle and a lack of exercise. Even though the rise in severe cases can be partially attributed to the increase in the US population, there is still the issue of increasing obesity levels and the correlation between weight and CHF.

If you want to learn more about the heart, there is plenty of literature on the topic. For students, considering biology will allow you to learn more about the anatomy of our bodies, also increasing your awareness of cardiovascular activity and how it works in all of us. Congestive heart failure is easily preventable if you follow the advice of your GP.
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When someone says you are in "v-tech"  and you are in congestive heart failure....what does that mean?  V-tech?

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